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    60601. **Goldilocks** (Note: I didn't understand this one.): Neither too cold, nor too hot.[[br]]__Tactic__ - Pat yourself on the back for bringing out the best in people.
     62=== Classic Interview Questions
     63==== 1. Tell Me About Yourself
     64//Who do you think you are? And will you know what to leave in & what to leave out?//
     66**Tactic**: Break it down, rehearse, breeze it.
     68* Show a logical progression or underlying theme.
     69* Indicate that you know exactly what you're going to say & it won't take long.
     70* No more than 10% personal stuff.
     71* What you've been up to lately, how that feeds into your skills & experience, and in turn, how skills & experience feed into this position.
     72* Close clearly - indicate that you're done. Don't leave it hanging.
     73* Can bounce around chronologically, but show logical progression.
     74* Can use current job title to start off with the answer.
     75* Avoid talking explicitly about strengths & weaknesses - this should flow from results you've achieved. Stick to achievements & passions (I'm not so sure about the passions bit).
     77==== 2. Why are You Applying?
     78//What can you do that we need you to do? Do you even know what we need you to do?//
     80**Tactic**: Reflect the job spec in every line of your answer. Talk about their needs before you mention your own.
     82* I'm applying because my **skills, experience and motivation** are the **best fit for the job**.
     83* Imply long term satisfaction.
     84* A person's values tend to be stable & enduring - so, point out that your personal values align with the firm's values.
     86==== 3. What are Your Greatest Strengths?
     87//Do you really know yourself? Do you know what our problem is here?//
     89**Tactic**: Answer with the job description uppermost in mind. Go easy on the adjectives & heavy on the hard data.
     91* Map the key requirements of the job against your best achievements to date.
     92* __Mandatory__: solve the employer's problems.[[br]]__Necessary but insufficient__: be perceived as smart & professional.
     93* Showcase aspects that show progression & development over time.
     94* What was the impact of your strength in context? Who acknowledged it and how?
     96==== 4. What are Your Greatest Weaknesses?
     97//Am I right in thinking X about you? Are you going to give me the same old evasive & lame answers that everybody else did, or are you going to level with me?//
     99**Tactic**: Interviewer is probably seeking affirmation of predicted weaknesses, not info about new ones.
     101* Don't give cliched answers; don't trivialize your weaknesses.
     102* Stick to weaknesses that are apparent, don't introduce a new monster-under-the-bed that the interviewer hasn't spotted.
     103* Be clear that you know your weaknesses & that they don't perturb you.
     104* Show evidence that you're working on your weaknesses.
     105* If possible, directly reference your key performance indicators (KPIs) - make it a less important KPI.
     107==== 5. What will Your Skills & Ideas Bring to this Company?
     108//What will be buying from you?//
     110**Tactic**: Appear generous, no one wants a miser.
     112* Be open & enthusiastic about your ideas, even if they're not a perfect match - your errors will be attributed to your outsider status, insufficient info / context.
     113* Present ideas in terms of work **executed** personally.
     115==== 6. What's Your Preferred Management Style?
     116//Are you and I going to get along?//
     118**Tactic**: Aim to be the boss & subordinate you always wanted for yourself.
     120* Show that you can work under your own steam, but also that you know there's a hierarchy.
     121* Bosses want to provide course correction, not spell out details.
     122* Show you can take both good & bad news gracefully.
     123* Show that you can give out bad news with respect & humility.
     124* Show you can give off good energy to enthuse troops.
     125* May help to talk about key experiences as a subordinate or manager w.r.t. conflicts, success, goal setting & staff performance.
     127==== 7. Where do You See Yourself in Five Years' Time?
     128//Are you after this job or just any job? How soon will you need a new challenge? Do you have a realistic sense of what we can offer you?//
     130**Tactic**: If you don't know, calmly say so, as if now knowing were the most natural thing in the world - because it is.