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101 Job Interview Questions You'll Never Fear Again

Author: James Reed



Coming Feb 1st week.


3G Mindset


(vantage point)




(fuel cell)

  • adaptability
  • flexibility
  • relationship building
  • collaborative focus
  • openness
  • innovativeness
  • honesty
  • trustworthiness
  • loyalty
  • sincerity
  • fairness
  • kindness
  • commitment
  • accountability
  • determination
  • drive
  • energy

Types of Interviewers

  1. Unicorn Hunter: "The perfect candidate does not exist."
    Tactic - Get them to specify competencies required and show how you meet them
  2. Late-running Runaway Train: Disorganized, nervous, ill-prepared.
    Tactic - Be effusive & expansive. Talk lots.
  3. Method Man / Woman: Asks all candidates same questions (competency).
    Tactics - Point our your relevant ones - twice.
  4. Napolean: Show-off, talks, asks few questions.
    Tactic - Offer praise where possible, else silence.
  5. Suitor: Hires attractive people.
    Tactic - Move on.
  6. B Player: Likes to hire C players.
    Tactic - Highlight your strengths & achievements. You probably won't get hired.
  7. Dues-payer: Defines success in terms of their career path; their path only. Doesn't like career-switchers.
    Tactic - Show how your skills are another manifestation of theirs.
  8. RHINO (Really Here in Name Only): Not engaged during interview.
    Tactic - Be gracious, put on the best show you can.
  9. Entrepreneur: Founder & sole owner of the company.
    Tactic - Play up work ethic, loyalty & flexibility.
  10. Poker Player: A warm & genuine exterior conceals steely interior.
    Tactic - Focus on showing what you can do for them.
  11. Goldilocks (Note: I didn't understand this one.): Neither too cold, nor too hot.
    Tactic - Pat yourself on the back for bringing out the best in people.