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     1= Start with Why
     2**Author: Simon Sinek**[[br]]Jan 29 2017
     3[[Image(htdocs:images/books/start-with-why.jpg, align=center, nolink)]]
     5[[PageOutline(2-5, Contents, inline, unnumbered)]]
     7=== Verdict: **Avoid**
     8What should've been a 5 page essay is a 250 page book with lots of redundant information generously smeared with Apple fanboy-ism. You might want to watch his [ TED Talk] instead - you'll waste considerably less time.
     10=== The Good (sort of): Watch the [ 18 Min TED Talk] instead.
     11* Focus on 1 point: Successful companies are clear about their core purpose (other than making money); the ones that aren't or deviate from / lose sight of this core purpose fail / die.
     13=== The Bad
     14* Is it a Circle, Bullhorn or Cone? Why is it "Golden"?
     15* The contradictions: Apple's success comes from innovation, but !TiVo which also innovated failed because //<vague reasons>//.
     16* States the obvious: a company needs to have a mission which derives from the vision of its leaders - in his examples, he talks about only 1 leader per company, which is not how most of us have experienced it in the real world.
     18=== The Ugly
     19* I can't get back the 5 hours I spent on this.
     20* Apple worship.
     21* Reaching quite a bit to draw parallels between Golden { Circle / Bullhorn / Cone } to well-known Golden Ratio - sorry, they are **no** similarities.
     22* Playing amateur neuro-scientist linking Golden { Circle / Bullhorn / Cone } parts to human brain function - falls flat on its face.