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    233233* See dedicated creativity section below.
     235=== Career Goal Questions
     236==== 16. Please Describe the Job You've Applied For
     237//We know you know, else you wouldn't be here - but how well can you sum it up?//
     239**Tactic**: Have the confidence to give them the briefest of answers.
     241* The question tests your ability to summarize information correctly.
     242* Pick the essence of the job, usually something to do with making a profit or keeping stakeholders happy, then add in 1-2 everyday tasks.
     243* Add KPIs for yourself, the team or product.
     244* 1-2 key challenges to be overcome in the industry.
     246==== 17. How did You Hear About the Position?
     247//How plugged in to the company are you?//
     249**Tactic**: If possible, take this opportunity to highlight your personal connection to, or passion for, the company.
     251* Likely testing whether you sought out this particular firm or type of employer and fell strongly about what they do or if you just stumbled upon the job opening.
     252* If you heard about the job from a contact / friend, mention that without sounding like an obnoxious name-dropper.
     253* If via a job board / agency, add details about why this opportunity got you excited and fits your skill / experience.
     255==== 18. Why do you want to work at this company?
     256//Have you been following us for a long time, or have you just read about us?//
     258**Tactic**: Show that you are familiar with the company's regular outputs, not just its "About Us" page.
     260* It's about showing that you want to commit to that company, and it's not just a job.
     261* Do research and tailor your answer accordingly.
     262* If the interviewer is your boss, and then focus on your personal contribution.
     264==== 19. What motivates you?
     265//Will this job, specifically, motivate you to do great work? Are you in it for just a paycheck? //
     267**Tactic**: Put all that preparation you did to good use.
     269* Show how this job has intrinsic motivation for you and that you'll enjoy it in some way.
     270* Avoid excessive flattery,  trivial motivations (e.g. Shorter commute) and the appearance of random chance.
     271* When talking about career oxidation,  emphasize a rational progression from job to job -  a coherent career story.
     272* A thoughtful answer lays out how your personal motivations and the specific characteristics of the job line up.
     274==== 20. Would you stay with your current employer if they offered you a pay raise?
     275//Doyou what the job or not? Am I being played off against your current boss? //
     277**Tactic**: There would be no dilemma; you want progress much more than you want money.
     279==== 21. Would you be OK with the commute to this job?
     280//Nobody likes a long commute; you know other candidates live closer than you,  right? //
     282**Tactic**: If you're not prepared to move,  say so.  And if you genuinely don't mind the commute say that too -  and don't wait to be asked.
     284==== 22. How does this job fit in with your career plan?
     285//How much do you really want to solve your immediate problem? What about after that?//
     287**Tactic**: Interview for the job, not the employer.
     289* The message you want to get across is, "I plan to do this job well enough that you'll tell me where you want me next."
     290* The question tests your commitment to the employer's immediate problem.
     291* Focus on the job at hand,  not the next step in your career.
     293==== 23. Give me the names of three companies you would like to work for.
     294//We want you here -  buy will you love it here? Do you understand the competitive terrain?//
     296**Tactic**: Use your research to draw distinctions between the usual suspects in your industry vs. the new kids on the block.
     298* Talk about the (1) the hiring firm (2) the hiring firm's closest rival &  (3) the upstart newcomer.
     299* E.g. I would work for a new vertical group (Expedia,  Healthvault) at Microsoft, Hotwire (if they were in Bellevue), or the east coast startup that sells custom shirts.
     300* Talking about an upstart challenger who could turn the industry on its head will show that you're aware of what's going on in their industry.
     302==== 24. Where else have you applied? Who else are you interviewing with?
     303//Is a competitor about to snap you up? //
     305**Tactic**: Sound as though you're in demand.
     307* Be brief, leave them wanting more information.
     308* Mention close competitors or well-regarded firms if you can.
     309* Talk bout similarities of the roles you've applied for -  this shows that you're conducting a small,  targeted search.
     311==== 25. Why have you changed jobs so frequently?
     312//Will you leave this job mere months after we hire you? //
     314**Tactic**: Explain each move in terms employers can sympathize with.
     316* Acceptable explanations:
     317  * Short-term contract / project-oriented work.
     318  * Relocation
     319  * Career advancement
     320  * Change of employer type
     321  * Structural changes at the company
     323==== 26. What is your dream job?
     324//Can we help you on your way,  or is this the wrong job for you? Do you really want to work here at all? //
     326**Tactic**: Play down the dream,  play up the things your dreams are made of.
     328* Respond in **good** humor and move on quickly.
     329* Refer to the role by its specification,  not its title.
     331==== 27. What is your ideal work environment?
     332//Are your preferences compatible with how we do business here? //
     334**Tactic**: Say that what you want is what they're offering.
     336* Goal is to determine the fit between how you like to work and how things get done at this company.
     337* Questions like this are really about **the company's needs** - they just **__appear__** to be about your preferences.
     338* Choose aspects of your ideal atmosphere that match up with the company.
     339* Skip preferences that this company cannot meet.
     341==== 28. Why do you want to leave your current job?
     342//Do you know what this job is?  And,  to be a little paranoid,  do you have some murky problem that I can't see now?  Are you about to get fired?  Help me out here. //
     344**Tactic**: It's not about you.  Link your answer to what the company needs.
     346* Even if there is a negative reason for leaving,  give a sincere and positive answer.
     347* Play this from the front foot,  not the back foot.
     348* Show that you're running towards something, not away.
     349* There are 2 skeleton answers:
     350  * In my current job I do X. You do X here too,  but //this is a better place to do X//. Here's how I would do X for you.
     351  * My employer does X, //but you do Y,  and Y is what I want//.  You is also what I'm good at &  enjoy.  Here's how my resume relates to Y.
     352* Your terrible boss was never going to solve your interviewer's  problems,  so why bring him into the room?
     354==== 29. Talk me through (the gaps in) your resume / career history.
     355//Did you stay at home watching TV for six months? Were you in jail? Is there something wrong with your mindset? //
     357**Tactic**: The best defense is offense  use your time productively when you're out of work.  If you have a gap,  be prepared to explain it.
     359* Managers would rather hire someone with **no** relevant experience that someone who has been out of work for longer than six months.
     360* Acceptable reasons for gaps:
     361  * taking time out to raise children
     362  * caring for an ill family member.
     363  * a medical issue or accident.
     364  * education or further training.
     365  * traveling.
     367=== Character Questions