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    128128//Are you after this job or just any job? How soon will you need a new challenge? Do you have a realistic sense of what we can offer you?//
    130 **Tactic**: If you don't know, calmly say so, as if now knowing were the most natural thing in the world - because it is.
    132 *
     130**Tactic**: If you don't know, calmly say so, as if not knowing were the most natural thing in the world - because it is.
     132* If you have a well-mapped-out career plan, use it.
     133* Acknowledge that you're there to talk about the job at hand, not the next job it leads to - express hope that you'll be successful at the company.
     134* Be honest about drive & ambition, but temper it and demonstrate that you're realistic.
     135* You can make it about the journey, rather than the destination.
     137==== 8.  How would You Approach This Job?
     138//How well do you know us? What's your take on what we need? What's your preferred style of working?//
     140**Tactic**: Talk about diplomacy before talking about your plans.
     142* Don't make sweeping statements - you don't know how the company works.
     143* Talk about your work style & achievements at previous jobs, draw lines to job on offer.
     144* Show your ability to adapt to the new environment.
     145* Remember "The First Ninety Days" book - first few weeks to learn systems, culture & colleagues, **then** create departmental plan. This shows you can plan, but don't have rigid ideas.
     147==== 9. What have You Achieved Elsewhere?
     148//What's the very best that we can expect from you? Is that what we need?//
     150**Tactic**: Keep it recent, work-related & well-rehearsed. Be confident - it's expected.
     152* Think of this as story time and a chance to toot your horn.
     153* Graceful self-promotion is the key - it's the difference between career stagnation & progression.
     155==== 10. What did You Like and Dislike About Your Last Job?
     156//What do you want from them that the last lot couldn't give you? Can we give it to you?//
     158**Tactic**: Start with a long list of what makes you happy, then let them knwo that you don't expect perfection in any job.
     160* First, talk about a few things you didn't enjoy, but demonstrate grit & strong work ethic, one that can power through difficulties.
     161* Prepare for this question in advance. Tip: Does you current job offer the following? (Note: not all of these may apply.)
     162  * meet interesting people
     163  * opportunities for progress
     164  * work independently
     165  * atmosphere of trust, honesty & integrity
     166  * overseas travel
     167  * varied tasks
     168  * constant learning
     169  * requires or rewards creativity
     170  * likable co-workers
     171  * face-to-face contact
     172  * caring for others
     173  * customer interaction
     174  * clearly defined role
     175  * close to management
     176  * developing people
     177  * positive impact on the community
     178  * supportive culture
     179  * playing with cool technology
     181==== 11. Tell me About a Time You Worked in a Team
     182//No one achieves anything on their own - and you know that, right?//
     184**Tactic**: Find a recent real-world example where you've played successfully with others.
     186* Be concrete, specific, recent & focused on your actions. End with a positive outcome.
     187* Assign credit where due.
     188* Illustrate key traits of a team player: communication, adaptability, empathy, appreciative of others, humor(?).
     190==== 12. What do Your Co-workers Say About You?
     191//Do you sound calm or wary about this question? Are you self-aware or just self-conscious?//
     193**Tactic**: Testimonials, not adjectives.
     195* Use real examples, not generic adjectives like hardworking and reliable.
     196* Answer tailored for the boss:
     197  * You can do the job.
     198  * You're not a burden to manage.
     199  * You're hungry for what the firm is offering.
     200* Answer tailored to colleagues:
     201  * You're fun(?), positive & fair.
     202  * You're a good cultural fit.
     204==== 13. How do You Deal with Stress and Failure?
     205//When the pressure increases, will you turn into a monster, a useless blob of jelly or someone who sets a good example?//
     207**Tactic**: Don't pretend you live in a stress-free bubble. Instead, give concrete examples of the steps you take to handle pressure.
     209* You need to convince the interviewer that you won't crumble under pressure.
     210* What specific practices did you use to cope with stress? e.g.
     211  * exercise
     212  * analyzing the source of the stress
     213  * prioritizing tasks
     214  * delegating
     215  * re-conceptualizing pressure as motivating
     216  * deep breathing
     217  * taking short breaks
     218  * laughter / letting loose after work
     219* Show that you're not stranger to stress & have figured out a constructive way to handle stress.
     221==== 14. How Much Money do You Want?
     222//Can we afford you? Are you value for money?//
     224**Tactic**: Avoid until as late as possible in the interview process.
     226* See dedicated salary negotiation section below.
     228==== 15. Show Me Your Creativity
     229//No hidden agenda here - are you creative?//
     231**Tactic**: Show that a blank sheet of paper doesn't scare you - the future is full of blank sheets.
     233* See dedicated creativity section below.