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    591591* Avoid pointless flattery, show respect & ensure that the interviewer continues to like you.
    593 ==== 55. Why should I choose you over other candidates?
     593[=#WhyYou ==== 55. Why should I choose you over other candidates?]
    594594//You probably have the skills to do this job, but what sort of person are you? What intangibles will you bring to the company?//
    695695**Tactic**: Don't mistake this question for one about setbacks or failure. It's about your willingness to experiment.
    697 *
     697* This question is not about your weaknesses.
     698* The wrong answer is to play down your missteps.
     699* The right answer is to play up the fact that you try new things, rapidly assess if they're working & move on if they aren't.
     700* Show that you're willing to take risks & experiment to improve your work.
     702==== 65. Tell me about a time you've disagreed with a senior member of staff.
     703//When it comes to office politics, are you going to be a pot stirrer or can you work through disagreements in a mature, productive way? We don't want playground drama around here.//
     705**Tactic**: Show you can debate like an adult for the betterment of the business, by responding openly & honestly.
     707* Convey warmth, understanding, rationality & professionalism when you deal with disagreements.
     708* Stay away from political struggles, hurt feelings or turf wars.
     709* Stress your ability to fight your corner in a constructive way that utilizes evidence & emotional intelligence.
     711==== 66. If offered the job, what would be your first priority or thing you would change?
     712//Can you strike a good balance between consultation & initiative? Are you going to charge in & step on toes?//
     714**Tactic**: Decide how much initiative / change the company is looking for & pitch your answer accordingly.
     716* Keyword here is **or**.
     717* Priority is about how you'll approach getting acclimatized.
     718* Change focuses on shaking up the status quo & is often most appropriate for management-level positions or if the company is actively seeking change.
     719* For priorities:
     720  * Getting to know your co-workers.
     721  * Learning about customers.
     722  * Investigating the company's products or services.
     723* Changes: loaded part of the question. Bring ideas to the table, don't be a bully. Words like evolve, examine, contribute & develop are more effective than change, overhaul, transfrorm & fix.
     724* Initiative is a key skill for managers. So, your answer should have a few substantive issues you're keen to dig into straight away.
     726==== 67. Why are you a good fit for the company?
     727//Do you just want a job, any job, or are you specifically interested in us?//
     729**Tactic**: Arm yourself with knowledge about the company, so you cna offer evidence to prove you'll fit right in.
     731* Play it by ear based on whether you think this is about //you// or //the company//. i.e. if about your USP, see [#WhyYou //Why should I choose you over other candidates?//].
     732* Best answers offer a solid motivation for your interest in this specific job.
     733* Ideal foundation would be if you were a long-time fan of the company or if you have a long-standing passion for the sector.
     734* Blueprint is based on company's social media persence, website, mission statement, culture & what this company believes makes them stand out.
     735* Tie your skills, accomplishments & personality to what the org is known for - be careful not to oversell, else the answer will sound canned.
     737==== 68. What was the last thing you taught?
     738//Will you be a good coach to your direct reports & teammates?//
     740**Tactic**: Show the interviewer that hiring you means getting not only your skills, but enhanced performance out of your colleagues as well.
     742* Good that you bring important skills to the org, but better if you can upgrade your colleagues' skills too.
     743* Good answers are truthful, detailed when it comes to your actions, & focused on positive outcomes.
     745==== 69. How have you ensured maximum value for money when managing resources?
     746//Money is tight. Do you know how to squeeze a dollar for all it's worth?//
     748**Tactic**: Don't shy away from giving them figures.
     750* Quantifiable results are always important, but critical that you use exact figures in this case.
     751* It's not just what you accomplished, but the skills & behavior that got you there.
     753==== 70. Name some top opinion influences in this industry.
     754//Do you care about thought leadership? Do you agree with the people I agree with?//
     756**Tactic**: Get a spread of names from "safe hands" to mavericks.
     758* Follow top few names in magazine power lists.
     759* Event speakers: keynote speakers are usually from power lists, so pick someone who isn't buy has the most fresh & radical ideas.
     761==== 71. Most people are good at managing up or down, but usually not both. Which one are you?
     762//Are you more charm than substance?//
     764**Tactic**: Try to avoid the distinction by framing "managing up" and "managing down" as different skill for different times & then focusing on which y ou've excelled at so far.
     766* Good approach would be to bring up 360-degree reviews - these exercises evaluate managing up, down & sideways, & stress your fexibiilty in communicating well with people regardless of position in the hierarchy.
     768==== 72. Which websites do you use personally? Why?
     769//Do you keep abreast of industry news? Are you tech savvy?//
     771**Tactic**: Determine what level of technical competence the interviewer is probably looking for & respond appropriately.
     773==== 73. How does your personal social media presence affect your employer?