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    654654**Tactic**: Apply the STAR technique, but be human.
    656 * Situation / Task (or Context):
     656* Situation / Task (or Context): Provide background, any constraints & be crystal clear about your goal. This is essentially "setting the scene".
     657* Actions: Concrete actions taken to resolve the situation. Be the driver, don't hog credit, don't be a victim or require rescue.
     658* Results: A quantifiable happy ending.
     659* Under abilities of interest: organizational ability, skill at prioritizing & coolness under pressure.
     660* A *bit* of adversity or failure humanizes you.
     662==== 62. Tell me about a big change you've had to deal with.
     663//When the change happened, did you shrink from it or did you lean into it? Do you still have the energy for change? What mark would you give your adaptability, out of ten?//
     665**Tactic**: Show that you think of change as a permanent & necessary fixture, not as an occasional obstacle.
     667* Be specific - times, places, names & outcomes; no big-picture sermon.
     668* Top line is to show that you think of change as an opportunity to grow, not an ordeal to endure.
     669* Acknowledge specific, positive results of the change & work backward in time to the bad old days.
     670* Show that you:
     671  * are open to new experiences.
     672  * soldier on through the bad atmosphere that change creates.
     673  * can get into the minds of those who oppose change - many are just scared, not lazy.
     674* Show that change never stopped you from focusing on the ultimate purpose of your job & that little things don't matter to you.
     675* For max impact, give an example of when you volunteered for change.
     677==== 63. Tell me about a time you've had to persuade someone to do do something.
     678//People are tricky creatures. Do you know how to handle them?//
     680**Tactic**: Focus on how you persuaded people, not just that you managed to convince them.
     682* Gauges people skills. Interviewer is looking for:
     683  * empathy
     684  * charm or rapport building
     685  * confidence & possibly assertiveness
     686  * flexibility
     687  * ability to handle conflict / difficult conversations.
     688  * humility, ability to put to ego aside
     689  * ability to understand & motivate others
     690* Use STAR to demonstrate the above skills.
     692==== 64. Give me an example of something you've tried in your job that hasn't worked. How did you learn from it?
     693//Are you too afraid of failure to be innovative?//
     695**Tactic**: Don't mistake this question for one about setbacks or failure. It's about your willingness to experiment.